Excel Macros Tutorial for Analyst fresher [Learn Excel VBA]

If you are a beginner, then you might be wondering about what are excel macros and where we use these excel macros? Here we have come up with excel macros tutorial that will tell you the step-by-step processes to use macros and let you learn VBA programming in excel.


Excel Macros Tutorial

For an analyst job, excel macros play a vital role. With macros, you can record tasks or macro via mouse clicks and keystrokes. You can run these tasks repeatedly many times when you use. By using macros, you can save your time and headache by automating the repetitive task.

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How to use macros in excel?

To create excel macros; you need a proper tool like developer, macro reader, and VB editor. If Developer option is not showing in your excel sheet, then you need to add it.

Add Developer tab

  • To add a developer tab, click right button anywhere on the ribbon.

add developer tab

  • You will find a pop-up menu.
  • Choose “Customize Ribbon” option. Click on customize ribbon option.
  • It will show you another page where you need to select Developer option.

Developer tab

  • Click on OK button.
  • You will find developer option at the ribbon.

Apart from the developer tab, you also need a macro recorder that let you record the tasks and actions performed by you, and visual basic editor that requires you write instructions that excel will follow in the programming language.

The Visual Basic editor lets you write instructions that excel will follow in VB programming language. This is quite difficult if you are a beginner and do not know the programming language.

Add Macros

To create macros, you need to follow the below-mentioned processes.

  • Go to the developer tab.

Excel macros

  • In the toolbar, look for the Use Relative References icon.
  • Click on the icon.
  • Before clicking on Use relative references, make sure that reference recording must be turned ON.
  • If the recorder is not turned ON, then only click on the Use relative references.

NOTE: Relative recording is turned off, that means the exact cell locations are recorded into macros. If relative references are ON, then any task recorded by excel are relative to the active cell.

Excel Macros Example:  You want to record a macro “Best excel tutorial online”.

  • Copy this text and paste this text immediately below the cell while beginning the macro recording.
  • Look for the “Record Macro” located in the Developer toolbar.
  • You can assign a name to macros. Use any descriptive name. Make sure that the name of the macro will start with an underscore (_) and must be a unique one.
  • In shortcut key, you can provide a single letter or a combination of the letter plus shift key. Make sure the letter must be a unique one.
  • After this, you need to decide where you want to store this macro.

record macro

  • You can use personal macro workbook as this is an advanced storage option that let you use macros in future. You can also name it as a new workbook or this workbook.
  • Give a macro description.
  • After this press OK.
  • Perform the action to record and store macros.
  • Press stop recording to stop macros recording.
  • Click on macros tab, and run the stored macros whenever you want.