Create an Excel Pivot Chart in Windows, Mac

Pivot charts are the visual representation of data present in pivot table. It helps you in understanding the patterns and trends easily. In fact, you can make the comparison as well between the data. The pivot table is an interactive table that contains a large amount of data that can be analyzed via Pivot chart.

How to create an Excel Pivot Chart?

pivot graph

  • Choose cell within the data range. Here we have taken data for the student’s marks where there are three subjects and has 4 candidates.
  • After selecting the cells. Select the insert icon listed near the home button.
  • Go to the pivot table option.
  • Click on the drop-down arrow and you will find two fields pivot table and pivot chart.
  • Now click on the pivot chart.

Pivot chart in excel

  • Select that data and click on the pivot chart.
  • Drag the Student Name and Subject into the Axis field.

Pivot chart types

  • Drag the Sum of Marks in the Values Summation field.
  • Change the name of the chart and give it a title.
  • Select the chart along with layout tab.

Change chart type

  • Now you will find a chart displayed below

excel pivot chart

Filtering of Pivot Chart Data

You will find various options that you can perform on chart. These functions are grouping and ungrouping as well as filtering. Here you can check how to apply filter and group and ungroup the fields.

  • Not only creating data, but you can segregate data also by putting down the information at x-axis and y-axis.
  • In this picture, you find student name and subject mentioned in the filter box.
  • Excel will add the subject and student name button on to the worksheet.
  • To segregate the data, click on the drop-down arrow which will show the list.
  • If you want to see the marks of the student in Maths subject only then deselect the entire field and select only the Maths field. Similarly, you can also do for the English.
  • After this, you will find the chart only for Maths subject.

Filter pivot chart

Grouping of Data Items

With this grouping function, you can group and ungroup the values plotted in the chart. To show the collapsed data, you need to right-click the row and column labels and then choose the expand/collapse option. While to show the grouped detail, press the right button of row or column label. After this select the ungroup option from the menu.

Why we use pivot charts?

To make pivot charts, we use data for the pivot table. In the pivot table, the data contains the unique value and remove the duplicate items. To make the data look visually, you need to use pivot charts. The pivot charts contain all types of charts including column, line, pie, bar, area, and scattered charts. You can use other chart templates as well to make your excel more understandable. The process that we have mentioned above is for both windows and mac. Apart from the pivot charts, you can also check excel charts available in next post. This is all about pivot charts, stay connected with our website to get detailed information about excel advanced functions.