Excel Calendar Templates 2019 Create or Download (Monthly & Weekly)

Calendars are quite important in our day to day life to organize information and to write notes, plans, as well as to remind anything. In fact, you can specify the holidays and your weekend plan on the back side of the calendar. Here you can check how to create Excel Calendar templates monthly or weekly.

Excel Calendar

In Excel, you will find various excel calendar templates for the monthly and yearly calendar. You can create or customize by your own in Excel. You will also find a few pre-built templates of Excel Calendar that includes monthly calendars, weekly images, and calendars that comes with notes.

Calendar in Excel

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Excel Calendar Templates 2019 for Holidays

You will find few free excel holiday calendar templates that show:

  • List of holidays
  • of days for upcoming holidays
  • of days for an upcoming weekend

How to create Calendar in Excel?

Here we are giving you the process to create a monthly calendar in excel.

  • From the second row, we start typing the days of the week.
  • After writing Monday, you can drag it towards the right side so that the days come in all the columns.
  • You can provide proper spacing and change the format by going to the Home>Format>Column Width.

Excel Calendar

  • Set the Width of the row and column according to your preference.
  • In the first row, we have to mention the month and year.

Excel Calendar

  • In between the blank row, enter the formula =Today()

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  • Go to the home and in Number bar, you will find the drop-down list of Date.

Excel Calendar

  • Click on the drop-down and select number formats.
  • In this format dialog box, you will find the custom option and in type, you choose the mm-yy format and then click on OK.

Excel Calendar

  • Now you will get your title.
  • Go to the Merge & Center icon to merge the field.

Excel Calendar

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  • Select the body of the calendar and choose the border option to create the border to organize the dates.

Excel Calendar

  • Before putting borders, you need to choose the background of the calendar as white.
  • Then choose borders according to your preference.

Excel Calendar

  • Now enter first two dates and then drag the corner of the fill handle.
  • Your monthly calendar is finished.

Excel Weekly Calendar Template

Similarly like monthly calendars, you can create Excel yearly calendar as well as weekly calendar templates by your own. You will also find a few in-built templates in Excel that you can use as weekly excel calendars.

Monthly Excel Calendar Template

The process of creating the monthly excel calendar is mentioned above. You will also find pre-in-built templates of monthly calendars in Excel. You can write notes and plans at the back side of the calendar or take the print out after this.

Excel Calendar Templates (Monthly, Yearly)

If you are unable to find the pre-in-built templates in excel then follow the process here.

  • Go to the File.
  • Look for the New icon.

Excel Calendar

  • You will find pre-stored templates.
  • When you look little below you will find calendar folder.
  • Click on the calendar folder.

Excel Calendar

  • You will find few calendar templates where you can select any of them.

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