Excel Cell Formatting: Tips to format cells for Beginners

The cell of Ms Excel holds various types of data including currency, dates, numbers, etc. You can change the type of the cell. If you want to change the font of the text then you can do it via going home tab and then font group and choose the font. Here you can check the tricks for Excel cell formatting that you can apply to format cells.

excel formatting tips

Excel Cell Formatting

Here you can check various types of cell formats:

  • General: The general cell format is the default format of the cell.
  • Number: The format displays the number in the cell.
  • Accounting: This type of format is used for accounting purpose.
  • Currency: The cell will show you currency along with the currency sign.
  • Time: The time format is available in 1.30pm or 13.30 format.
  • Date: There are various date formats available like 13-08-2013, 13-Sep-2014, etc.
  • Custom: You can use its custom format.
  • Special: The special formats mentioned here are Zip code, phone number, etc
  • Scientific: This format supports different scientific formats.
  • Fraction: It displays the cell in fraction format.
  • Percentage: It will show you the outcome with decimal places.

Rotate Cell

  • To rotate cell, you need to click on orientation available in the home tab.
  • Click on the drop down cursor and you will find various options including Angle Counter clockwise, vertical text, rotate text, and angle clockwise.

how to rotate cells in excel

You can change the alignment by clicking on the right button to the selected cell and then going to the format cells. Select Alignment and then set the rotation degree.

Change Cell Colour in Excel

By default the background of the cell is white but you can change the background by looking for font group and then change the background color by selecting your preferred color options.

how to create a border in excel

You can also change the color of the foreground or the text by going to the home tab and then font group and then change the foreground color.

How to add borders in Excel?

  • Choose the cell that you want to format.
  • In the above tab you will find various options.
  • Choose the border style option.
  • Click on the drop down arrow and choose the border according to your preference.

Change Alignment Excel

Go to the home tab, you will find various alignment options including horizontal and vertical alignment of the cell. Apart from this, you can align numbers either to the right and left.

Alignment Options

Horizontal Alignment: This kind of alignment is used for aligning the content to left, center, and right. In fact you can justify the text to the left and right side.

Vertical Alignment: With vertical alignment, you can adjust the text to the top, middle, and bottom side. Along with this, you can justify the text vertically.

How to format cells in excel?

Method 1:

excel cell formatting

  • Choose the cell that you want to modify along with cell range selection.
  • Select the drop-down arrow of the Format command available on Home tab.
  • Choose the desired formatting option.
  • You will find that the selected cell is now available in the new formatting style.

Method 2:

excel table formatting

  • Select the cell whichever you want to modify.
  • Click on the right button of the mouse.
  • It will show you many fields; select the format cell out of the list.
  • After making the selection, you will find various categories for cell type.
  • Choose the required one.

Apart from this Excel cell formatting, you can also get tips on conditional formatting excel formula here in this tutorial.

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