15 FREE Excel Games [Fun with Excel] | MONOPOLY, 2048

Excel is an amazing tool for the Data Analyst as well as the business analyst. And most of the time it’s used just for that – data management analysis.

But you can also use it for playing Microsoft Excel games that are flash-based or macro-based.

Well in case you decide to take a few minutes off your busy schedule and refresh yourself with a quick Excel game, I am sure no one will complain.

Here you can check these adventurous Excel games that will add-on your entertainment.

Fun Excel Games

Excel is basically used to organize the company’s financial data, but you can also use for many other interesting functions like creating excel games puzzles and to perform tasks again and again via excel macros games.

Here you can check the developers who have created excel based games.

Excel Games

There are lots of games made in excel. In fact, you can also make games by yourself (but that’s a discussion for some other day).

But here you can check 15 fun best excel games that are made completely in Microsoft Excel.

Candy Number Crush Saga

The game was created by Cary Walkin and this game is famous by the name candy crush saga. In this game, King has IPO which is quite successful.

You are a stockbroker or trader and you need to invest this money wisely to become richer and to fulfill your dreams. In this game, you will find 35 events that affect the stock prices and has the stock ticker. So download excel games by clicking on the link below.

**Download Candy Crush**


Andrew Werner has created a simulator for monopoly excel games download. He used to play this amazing and popular VBA excel games with his wife and friends.

After some time he began thinking of different strategies. Within 12 to 14 hours of time, he created its simulator using Visual Basic for Applications programming language.

In this game, 4 players can play and you have to choose an option of either a human or computer. This free excel monopoly game is available for download.

NOTE: Learn how to create games in excel via these Best Excel Books.

**Download Monopoly**

2048 Excel

Be aware of these free excel games as it is amazing to play this game but it makes you addictive. This addictive game was launched by Gabriele Cirulli.

In this Excelgames, you need to merge two tiles that have the same number into the new tile.

Make sure that the number of the new tile must be equal to the total value that these two numbers have. The games made in Excel where you can resume the game in between by saving the workbook. You can download online excel games by clicking on the link.

**Download 2048**

NOTE: Many of the games might require macros. So to open the excel games online you need to enable the Excel developer tab first and then go to the excel macros to write the excel games code.

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Frog Leap

If you are a puzzle game’s lover and looking for puzzle games in excel then you will definitely be going to like this game. In this Excel game, puzzles have to be solved where you need to interchange the positions of the frogs. By interchanging the frog’s position you will be going to clear the level. This way you can give a challenge to your friends also. You can download excel games free from here by clicking on the link below.

**Download Frog Leap**

3D Maze

If you love playing hidden excel games, and then this game works similar to that with only a few changes. The 3D Maze was invented by Jordan Goldmeier who is a guest author.

He also shared a step-by-step process of creating the 3D maze and posted this game.

By using arrow buttons you can move around the maze. Just below the arrows, you will find the map also. With this map, you can easily navigate the maze.

**Download 3D Maze**


For all Sudoku player, we have something interesting for you all. You can solve the simple yet complicated Sudoku puzzles via Microsoft Excel.

**Download Sudoku**


The two-dimensional game knockout is a boxing game where you need to play the game against your competitive boxers from another country. The main aim is to win the game by defeating your opponent.

**Download Knockout**

Logo Quiz

In this game, you will find different sets of logos from different companies. You need to find the name of the company. There are more than 120 logos that you need to identify. If you want to play this game, then download it from here.

**Download Logo Quiz**


The game is quite popular and most of them played this game already. Your main objective is to win the game by gulp down every point that you find in front of your screen. Download the game by clicking on the below link.

**Download Pacman from here**

Writer’s Block

This original multiplayer word game is developed by Kevin Lyman which resembles Scrabble.

The game is completely built-in Excel using its various features including conditional formatting, Visual Basic Applications, and its images. Now Lyman is planning to release the game on different devices including Android, iOS, and Windows.

Mine Blaster 1000

The game is quite interesting and is getting popular among youngsters. You no need to apply VBA or any programming. You need to use only formulas and conditional formatting.

The Mine Blaster 1000 game is an excellent example of conditional formatting. The game is quite similar to Minesweeper but the bomb inside this game will cost you money.


Another interesting game is Spirograph in which you need to create Spirograph.

To play this game, you need to use a slide bar. You have to modify a few parameters by which you can change scaling and the spokes inside this game.

Adrenaline Challenge

The game is specifically for the users who are interested in motorcycle games.

The game comes with predefined objectives. You need to achieve these objectives to get into the next stage. To move to the next stage you need to complete objectives as fast as possible.


This is the game that most of the children love to play.

The game is based on excel macros and traditional snake game. To win the game, we need to make the snake as long as possible without touching the boundaries.


Every game player knows about this game.

Tetris is the oldest and most played game which many of the young and children plays. You can also play it in Microsoft Excel.

Apart from these games, Super Mario World, squares, roller coaster 2, mini pool, easy chess are made in excel. All these excel games are completely built-in excel.

Now you might be wondering to look at how to play games in excel? In our next post, we will be going to update the step-by-step process to games excel code and how to use these games.

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