Goal Seek Excel function (What If Analysis) Steps to Use

While doing many mathematical calculations, you might have come across with the problems where you have the result but do not have any input value. If you need to solve a single problem then there is no fuss. But think if you have n number of sets with an outcome and you do not have input values then what will you do? Do not worry as we have a solution that is goal seek excel function that let you perform what-if analysis data table where you need to put values.

Goal Seek Excel

Goal seek excel

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The Goal Seek in Excel will let you achieve a value by altering the dependent value to achieve the goal. This is the simple method to get the value as result. For example, you want to calculate the base price after deducting the taxes and other such charges from the total amount.

How to use Excel Goal Seek function?

  • Take a dataset.
  • Select the cell where you want value.
  • Go to the Data ribbon.
  • Click on the data where you will find What If Analysis option.

excel goal seek

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  • Now, click on Goal seek option after clicking on the drop-down icon of What If Analysis.
  • In the dialogue box of goal seek, you will find different values.
  • For the set cell, you need to mention the cell reference of goal and target.
  • In to Value, mention the goal value.
  • For changing cell, mention the cell reference that you want to change to fulfill your goal.

goal seek function

  • Click on OK button.
  • You will find Goal seek status dialogue box that will inform you whenever you find the solution. If you are Ok with the value then click on the OK button.

goal seek in excel

  • Get the changed value. But if you are not Ok with the value then click on the Cancel option.
  • Soon after accepting the solution you will find the value reflected in the particular cell.

This is just an example of a single complex problem but think, if you have n number of problems and you want to solve them then it becomes difficult for you to solve the problem. For this, you need a Goal Seek excel function.

Points to remember about Goal Seek Excel function

  • At a single point of time, the excel goal seek function will work with a single cell value.
  • Sometimes the function will not give the required result and show you a message that “you may not have found an outcome”. If such a situation occurs, then you need to enter the nearby value to get the required result.
  • The function uses the iteration method to achieve the targeted value.
  • The set cell must have a formula that depends on cell “By changing cell”.

Now to perform back calculation, you do not need to worry about the formula and what function to use. By just using goal seek analysis and with a single click, you can solve complex calculations within a second. Follow the step by step process of using goal seek excel function to get the input values.

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