How to Make a Line Graph in Excel (With Line Chart Examples)

When we talk about the Excel charts, the first chart we think of is Line chart. The Line chart is one of the simplest and powerful graphs that you can use to track on trend. In the line graph, you can see a single line graph for a single data set and multiple line graphs for multiple data set. Here we have listed the process of how to make a line graph in excel. Follow the process and customize the graph as per instructions.

How to make a line graph in Excel?

How to make line graph in Excel

  • Take a dataset having Days and Fruits sold column.
  • Go to the Insert> Charts> Line graph> Line (2D).

Line chart in excel

  • To customize the chart, you need to right click on the graph and choose select data.

Excel Line graph

  • Put the data mentioned in the screenshot.
  • Now check the graph shown.

Line graph

Customize a Line Graph

To customize the line graph, right click on the graph and choose the Format. After doing so, you can change the font of the text and fill the color and pattern of its background. If you have chosen 3D format, then you can add shadow, glow, and soft edges.

Line Graph: Introduction

The Line graph is the simplest graph that you can use for showing the changes over time. A line graph is not a simple line but it is a powerful tool that represents the data. Not only the single line, but you can also create the multiple line graphs if you have more than one data set to represent. The components included in the line graph are

X-Axis (Horizontal axis): In the line graph, the independent variable is kept on the x-axis that shows the time period.

Y-Axis (Vertical axis): At Y-Axis, you need to put the dependent variable to track the data.

Legend: The legend is used when there is more than one line in the graph. You can track data using a line chart that helps viewers to understand and read the graph carefully.

Types of Line Graphs in Excel

In Excel, you will find various line graph variations:

  • Line: If you have more than one data series, then you can plot using the line graph.
  • 3D Line: This is the same as a simple line graph but the only change is that it is represented in 3D format.
  • Marked Line Graph: In this graph, you will find added indicators at every point.
  • Stacked Line: This is similar to the stacked line graph where you will find percentages at the y-axis.

Why Line Graph is important?

The line graph is the simplest graph that you can create easily. This is the best way to track trends. With the line graph, you can predict the outcome based on the time periods. In the above data set, we find that the timeline (Days) are at x-axis whereas the Y-axis denotes the total number of fruits sold. In fact, you can also use the line graph to compare multiple data set.

Apart from the line chart, there are the Pareto chart, Bar chart, column chart, and other charts available in excel that you can create for your business or work purpose. That’s all. If you have any queries then mention in the comment below and we will soon come up with the answer.

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