7 Most Important Interview Questions for Software Testing Jobs [WITH ANSWERS]

Just passed out from engineering course? Looking for Software testing jobs for fresher? Lined up with many interviews? Going for an off-campus or on-campus interviews? Do not worry as we have lined up few interview questions for software testing profile. Check these questions with answers and start practicing for an interview.

Interview Questions for Software Testing

Interview Questions for software testing

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What do you mean by Integration testing?

The integration testing is one of the software testing level where different individual units are combined and then testing is performed which is usually done after the completion of the unit and functional testing.

Define Test Deliverables?

The test deliverables are the set of documents, tools, and other components that are to be developed and to be maintained for testing purpose. Here you can check different test deliverables that is to be conduct at every phase:

  • Before testing
  • During testing
  • After testing

What is UAT and how it is different from System testing?

The UAT is the user acceptance testing in which the product goes through the different series of tests to determine whether the product is designed as per the user needs or it meets all users’ needs or not.

The System testing find defects whenever the system goes under testing. This is also called end to end testing where the application goes for testing from beginning till end.

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Define verification and validation?

In verification mode, we evaluate the software at different development phases to decide whether the product satisfies the requirements or not.

In Validation mode, we evaluate software completely till the completion of the development phase and check whether it meets your entire customer requirement or not.

What is White box testing? What you verify in white box testing?

In white box testing, the selection of test cases depends on the analysis of the internal structure that is code coverage, path coverage, branch coverage, and condition coverage of any component. This type of testing is also known as code-based and structural testing. In white box testing, we verify:

  • Security holes if any in the code.
  • Expected output
  • Broken paths in the code
  • Structure flow depending on document specification
  • Checking of complete functionality and verifying conditional loops in the code.
  • It covers 100% testing of line by line coding.

Explain different types of Testing?

To reach at expected testing outcome, people follow the standard testing known as Testing type. Check various types of testing:

  • Unit Testing: In this testing, the tester checks the smallest application code.
  • System Testing: In this type of testing, complete checking of the system take place.
  • Agile Testing: In this type of testing, people use agile technique.
  • Integration Testing: In this testing, individual modules are mixed and then testing is done.
  • API Testing: In this testing, API is created for the application.
  • Install/Uninstall: With client view, the testing is performed.

What are the common issues comes while doing testing?

  • Lack of skills of the test manager
  • Scheduling of the project is poor
  • Underestimation
  • Ignorance of small issues
  • Not following the process completely
  • Project given to wrong resources

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