3 Ways to Multiply in Excel (Asterisk, Product, Array)

Microsoft Excel is known for performing complex calculations and mathematic operations. In our previous post, you have seen excel subtraction formula, summation and average formula, and many other such formulas. Here we have provided the different ways to perform Multiply in Excel (cells and columns).

Multiply in Excel

There are various ways to do multiplication in excel that you can check below.

  • Multiplication Operator (*)
  • Product Function
  • Array Formula

1)     How to multiply two columns in Excel?

Let suppose you want to multiply a number present in a column with the same number present in another column.

For example, you have data in Column A and want to multiply with the data column B then apply the formula in column C using asterisk sign (*).

Multiply in Excel



Multiply cell range with a constant number

You can add the $ symbol to cell reference $B$2 that will give you an absolute value. You can also place the insertion point either before or after the cell reference to get your absolute value. If you want to multiply every cell with a constant number mentioned in another column then you need to use $ sign. Using $ sign you can multiply the number present in column A with a constant value. Check this formula in the below screenshot.

Excel Multiply

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2)     How to multiply columns in Excel (Product function)?

You can multiply the columns using product function. To use this function, you need to take the dataset and enter the values in column A and column B. The syntax of this Product function is

=PRODUCT(A1, B1, C1)
  • Take the data set.
  • In column C, type = along with PRODUCT function and enter the numbers, cells, and values in the bracket.
  • While writing the numbers, separate every number using a comma “,” and range with a colon “:”.
  • After writing the formula, press enters, and you will get the values.

To write the formula, you need to type the equal sign, PRODUCT, and enter the number, cell, and ranges that you want to multiply along with parentheses.

3)     How to multiply columns in Excel (Using Array)?

To multiply columns using an array formula, you need to multiply entire column with another column and for this, you need to write down the range and separate via multiplication sign.

  • Choose the entire range of column on which you want to apply the formula.
  • In the cell of the third column, enter the formula.
  • Type “=” and the range of column A with multiplication operator and range of column B.
  • After you have entered the formula, you will find the result in column C.

Multiplication in Excel

By following these step by step processes, you can perform multiplication between two cells, columns, and arrays easily.

How does the multiplication formula work?

Absolute Cell Reference: The reference will fix the column and row with the number for multiplication so that the reference will not change when you copy the formula.

Relative Cell Reference: The reference changes with the relative cell position on the places where the formula is used.

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