10 Most-Asked SEO Interview Questions [Updated 2018] with Answers

Are you applying for Digital marketing profile? Looking for SEO expert jobs? Here you can check the list of top asked SEO Interview Questions that comes with the answers that are mainly asked by the interviewers at the time of the interview.

SEO Interview Questions

SEO Interview Questions

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What is SERP?

SERP is the Search Engine Result Page that is displayed when you search any specific query. Enter the keyword that you want to search in the search bar and it will show you the result including advertisements.

What do you mean by canonical URL?

Canonical URL is the most preferred URL for web pages that any visitors want to see. Not only this, these URL helps in the content syndication whenever multiple versions of the same page on the internet.

What are incoming and outgoing links?

The inbound links known as the incoming links refer to the hyperlinks available on the third-party web page that will redirect users to your website. These links can be text or graphics one. Textual inbound links increase traffic and improvise the page ranking. The outgoing links are the hyperlink that points to the external domain and is differ from links that are present in the source domain. The outbound links are very important as they offer more quality and increase the value of your website in search engine ranking.

What are 404 errors?

The 404 errors are the most potential impediments to the successful SEO. Whenever you renamed any specific URL, then any links attached to the URL will show 404 errors. If your website is showing 404 errors then do not think that Google penalizes your website. If the search engine fails to crawl the internal links then you will find that the ranking of your website will drop.

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What is the use of Google Webmaster tool?

Google Search Console is the alternative name to the Google Webmaster tool. It offers you free web services to the webmaster and enables them to monitor and sustain the online presence of a few websites. The search console helps SEO experts, administrators, and web developers to watch the crawling status, backlinking, and another status with just one click.

What is cloaking?

The cloaking is the technique that offers content on the web page to the search engine which is different from what the user wants. The cloaking improves the website’s search engine ranking on specific keywords.

What is meant by Disavow tool?

With disavowal tool, a publisher can inform Google that they do not want links from the specified external sites as a part of Google’s system in counting the links. With disavow, you can ask Google to escape a few URLs which are ranking factor in indexing the site.

What is Black Hat SEO? What are its techniques?

These are the technique that does not focus on search engines and does not follow any of the search engine guidelines. Here you can check the list of the black hat techniques:

Link farming


Keyword Stuffing

Hidden text

Gateway or doorway pages

What do you mean by CTR? How can you improve its boosting?

The CTR means Click Through Rate which is measured by the division of the number of times a link appears on the search engine by the number of times it is clicked by the visitor. If you have high organic CTR than it means that you are getting more traffic. To boost the CTR rate, follow these techniques:

  • Better and interesting headline
  • Impeccable meta description
  • The main keyword must be in the display URL

What is Alexa ranking?

Alexa website shows ranking based on the traffic. In SEO, moving upwards and downwards in terms of ranking in Alexa shows how effective you have your SEO. The Alexa calculates the ranking based on the combination of the daily unique visitor’s visits to your site to the estimated number of page views comes within the 3 months. If you have the highest combination of unique visitors and page views then the ranking of the website is 1.

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