Standard Deviation in Excel: Calculate (STDEV function)

If you want to calculate the values of dispersion from the average value then you can use Standard Deviation in Excel. To perform this function you need to take a sample of the population as a data set. Now calculate the Standard Deviation in Excel using below-listed formula and the step by step processes.

Standard Deviation in Excel

STDEV formula

The standard deviation is the amount of the values differs from the value calculated by performing an average of the numbers. Whenever you have sample then it is named as Sample Standard Deviation. The function STDEV calculates the standard deviation of the sample data or a set of values.

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STDEV(number1, [number2], ….) where the numbers can be between 1 to 255. It can be numeric values, an array of values, cell references.

When you are calculating the standard deviation of any sample then you need to use Stdev.S function whereas if you have data that represents the entire population then it is computed using STDEV.P.

How to calculate Standard Deviation in Excel?

  • To calculate the Standard Deviation, we will take an example of the heights of males in London School of Business. For this, we will take a sample of the male population.
  • Take data set to measure the height of the males.

Standard Deviation

  • We will take the sample of 30 males and measure the height by noting down the data in different columns.
  • The values of the standard deviation are calculated in H column. Hence we will write the formula as

 =STDEV(B2:B11, D2:D11, F2:F11)

Standard deviation formula

  • If you want to add two more heights in the data set then you can do using this formula:

=STDEV(B2:B11, D2:D11, F2:F11, 176, 177)                   **for individual numbers

=STDEV(B2:B11, D2:D11, F2:F11, {176, 177})                 **array of numbers

  • You can also create a Standard Deviation graph to know the function better.

Standard deviation in excel

STDEV Function Errors

If you find any type of error while using Excel STDEV then these can be the errors:

#DIV/0! : You will find this error if lesser than 2 numeric are offered to the STDEV function.

#VALUE! : This type of error occurs when any of the values are the text values and cannot be interpreted as the numeric values.

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Few points to remember while using STDEV function

  • You can calculate the STDEV using “n-1” method.
  • While calculating the standard deviation, you need to take the sample of your data set.
  • In arguments, you need to provide numbers that can be actual numbers, arrays, references, and many other things.
  • The STDEV function escapes the text and logical values that you will find in references.

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