4 Ways to add Strikethrough in Excel (Shortcut, Toolbar, Formatting)

In MS Word, you need to just click on the strikethrough button placed on the ribbon to add on the text. You might be expecting the same button in excel too. But you will not find the excel shortcuts button of strikethrough in excel. To get this function, you need to follow these different methods and use this functionality.

Strikethrough in Excel

When somebody says about the strikethrough function then first thing which comes to your mind is to put a line on the text which has been checked or the activity or task that has completed. To know about this is detailed, check the process below.

How to Strikethrough in Excel (Keyboard Shortcut)?

  • Take a data set of all house chores that need to be done.
  • Whatever works get completed; you need to strikethrough that work.
  • To perform strikethrough, press Ctrl + 5.

Strikethrough in Excel

  • This will put a line on the work that has completed.

How to add Strikethrough in Excel Toolbar?

If you want to add Strikethrough function in your Excel toolbar then you need to follow these steps.

  • In the Excel toolbar, you will find a drop-down arrow at the top side upper left corner.
  • Click on More Commands option.

Excel Strikethrough

  • Another window will open where you need to make a selection in Choose Commands From.
  • Select Commands not in the ribbon.

How to strikethrough in excel

  • You will then find the list of options where you need to select Strikethrough command.

How to do Excel Strikethrough

  • Click on Add icon which will add the button of Strikethrough at the same place near the arrow.

How to do strikethrough in excel

  • You will find the icon of the Strikethrough in the worksheet.

Strikethrough in Excel via Format Cells

Strikethrough in Excel

  • You will find an option for strikethrough.

Strikethrough in Excel

  • Click on the option and look at how it looks in the preview section.

Excel Strikethrough via Conditional Formatting

You can also apply Strikethrough using Excel conditional formatting using these steps.

  • Select the cells on which you want to apply the Strikethrough.
  • Go to the home tab.
  • Look for the conditional formatting.

Excel Strikethrough

  • In the conditional formatting icon, you will find a new rule option.
  • You will then find a new formatting rule dialog box.
  • Click on this box, and choose “Use a formula to determine which cells to format”.
  • Just below this, you will find an option “Format values where this formula is true”. In its text box, you can enter the formula


Excel Strikethrough

  • Click on the Format button.
  • You will find another window where you need to choose the Strikethrough option.
  • Click Ok.

Excel Strikethrough

So these are the methods for adding Strikethrough in Excel. You can use any of these methods whichever makes you feel comfortable. In fact, you can easily remove the strikethrough by just selecting the strikethrough cell and pressing Ctrl+5. You can select the cell or click on the strikethrough icon. You can clear the strikethrough by clicking on the clear rules option. If you have any doubts then you can clear it by stating your query in the comment box.

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